Training Material

Mathematics is not a spectator sport! The benefit of the Competition for participants is greatly enhanced by training and preparation. Schools which take some trouble in selecting their teams, and encourage participants to work through competition papers from previous years, always achieve better results in the Competition. A variety of training material is available:

The UCT Mathematics Competition Yearbook

Every year the UCT Mathematics Competition Yearbook contains all  the question papers of that year, with full solutions, statistics and prizewinners. 

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The competition was cancelled by Covid in 2020, and was run in a modified form in 2021 and 2022. No yearbooks are available for those years, but full solutions are available.

Full Solutions 2022

Online Yearbook 2023

Other Online Resources

There is an enormous wealth of online resources for competition mathematics. We encourage you to join the Art of Problem solving community, or to sign up for the free service.

A Mathlete's Training Guide

A Mathlete's Training Guide is an introduction to problem solving skills for mathematics competitions.  The author, David Jacobs, was a three-time Gold Award winner in the UCT Mathematics Competition.

The Guide contains eight chapters on topics which are staples in maths competitions, including ratios and means, rates and time, number theory and probability.  The 75-page booklet contains more that 120 problems, with hints and full solutions.

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Mathematical Digest

Mathematical Digest, a quarterly publication for high schools, was published from 1971 to 2015.  Every issue contained a wide variety of topics, including maths olympiad and competition problems from all over the world.  

Many past editions of Mathematical Digest are available online.

Over 50 back numbers are still available to order.