Challenge & Olympiad

UCT Invitational Mathematics Challenge

The top participants in the UCT Mathematics Competition are invited to take part in a second round, the UCT Invitational Mathematics Challenge.  There are two levels:  Juniors (grades 8 and 9) and Seniors (grades 10, 11 and 12).  The Challenge questions require answers only, with no working or proofs.

The 2019 UCT Invitational Mathematics Challenge will be held on Saturday 18 May.

UCT Mathematics Olympiad

The best students in the Challenge round are invited to take part in a third round, the UCT Mathematics Olympiad. There are two levels, as in the Challenge. The Olympiad papers (Junior and Senior) consist of questions requiring fully written answers and proofs.

The 2019 UCT Invitational Mathematics Olympiad will be held on Saturday 25 May

Past Papers, Solutions and Winners